Metacontrol Ingeniería is a versatile Engineering company with 35 years of experience, combining Flexibility, Technology, Response on Time, Confidence and high level of commitment with our Clients to deliver innovative solutions to special problems in the following economic sectors: Mining, Petrochemicals , Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Construction, Services, Traditional Energy Sources and Renewable Energy Sources.

Rodrigo Flores together with Patricio Carmona, in 1982 decided to found an engineering company that included state-of-the-art technology in disciplines such as Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Project Management. During the eighties, Metacontrol Ingenieros Consultores was created and developed, bringing improvements in the state-of-the-art of engineering through the incorporation of systems and computer processes in the country's industrial projects. CAD Tools, Project Control, Numerical Analysis, Finite Elements, among other software revolutionized the way of doing engineering projects in Chile. This trend continues to this day, in that Metacontrol delivers a quality service, always involved with the latest trends in terms of national and international standards, methodologies and new software developments. Throughout its existence Metacontrol has participated in the main Mining, Petrochemical and Energy projects in the country. The year 2009 Metacontrol was certified as a company that complies with ISO 9000 quality standards and OSHAS 18,000 safety standards.

Metacontrol, being an engineering company with high adaptability, complies with the projects developed in the markets in which it participates, today begins in 2018 with the following human team.

Human Capital of 100 Professionals, Technicians, Supervisors, Fieldwork and Administrative Personnel with a high vocation to Safety, Environmental Care and Labor Climate.

Metacontrol Ingenieros S.A. is registered and certified in the main registries of contractors at National and International level.

Metacontrol Ingenieros S.A., is a company oriented to meet the requirements of its customers, through a constant improvement of the quality and delivery times of its services. In addition, it aims to work on preventing the occurrence of injuries and diseases in Occupational Health and Safety, protecting the life and health of its workers, customers, visitors and contractors.

The services provided by Metacontrol are the following:

This commitment is based on continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, based on the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, complying with the legal requirements, the applicable regulations and those that Metacontrol Ingenieros subscribes to.