We provide services for the following areas:

Seismic Company

Metacontrol, with more than 30 years of experience, applies the concept of "Seismic Company" in its services, which means that our main purpose and work is to assist our clients throughout the entire design and purchase process, towards a design of structure or equipment that ensures its successful behavior during an earthquake and full compliance with local or international codes.

We have specialized in analysis, design and seismic inspection of equipment and structures, either participating together with design teams, advising suppliers or participating as an inspection entity with the Main Client.Our experience allows us to offer services with high reliability in the delivery terms.

Our services as a seismic company include:

Seismic Certification, Revision and Verification

We are leaders in the seismic review of structures and equipment for Industries such as Mining, Energy and Petrochemicals, with presence in the most important projects in the country.

Metacontrol has unparalleled experience in seismic studies of complex structural systems in industry such as: turbines, reactors, electrical equipment, seismic isolation, large mining equipment, process structures such as pipe racks, tanks, thickeners, conveyors and transportation systems, etc.

Metacontrol, through its Executive Director and Expert Seismic Consultant, Rodrigo Flores Coombs, is registered in the CODELCO Seismic Reviewers Registry.

Specifications, Design Criteria and Seismic Risk Reports

Metacontrol Ingenieros has extensive experience in the preparation of technical specifications, design criteria and seismic risk reports of the site at the request of the owner.

These documents allow:

  • Acquisition of equipment with clear seismic requirements.
  • Design emergency systems in accordance with the seismic requirements of the project (fire fighting systems, emergency stop systems of the ESD plant, etc.).
  • Perform stress analysis of seismic industrial pipelines
  • Carry out seismic analysis and design of metal structures, reinforced concrete and its foundations.
  • Create or analyze solutions from special foundations.

Consulting and Design

We have a full staff available, including Civil Structural Engineers, Project Designers and Technical draftsmen, who are responsible for Civil Engineering projects of any size and complexity. These professionals have acquired a wide experience, participating in outstanding national projects during the last decades.

The company has specialized in the analysis of plants, structures, industrial buildings, equipment, tanks and pipes under special loads, such as seismic, vibratory, abrasion, creep, thermal and high thermodynamic loads. To carry out these studies, stress analysis packages based on the finite element method with three-dimensional models are used. We have licenses and experience with SAP 2000 software.

Services developed:

  • Industrial and Mining Projects, Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering.
  • Foundation and Design Structure of Mining, Industrial, Energy and Energy facilities, among others.
  • Assembly inspection, civil works site inspection and commissioning.
  • Structural reinforcement and retro adaptation of buildings, structures and equipment supports.
  • Revaluation and increase of capacity of industrial plants.
  • Analysis of foundations of vibratory equipment.
  • Structural analysis of material transport systems (conveyors, hikers, spreaders, stackers, ship loaders, etc.).
  • Structural and seismic design of structural equipment anchoring.
  • Design and verification of tanks and ships.
  • Design and repair of overhead cranes.

Structural Reinforcement

With more than 22 years of experience, we deliver integral solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients, which are oriented Project of Reinforcement (PREF), as well as the Execution of Repairs and Maintenance of ESA (Antennas supporting structures). To support the development and correct execution of the projects of our clients we have audit services.

Technical Site Inspection

In recent years, we have inserted ourselves into the world of Field Engineering, conducting multidisciplinary technical inspection in construction and executing specific surveys according to the client's needs (topography, corrosion, instrumentation and measurements).


Our service is oriented to give our client the tools that allow him to make decisions in the process of maintenance and repair of structures and civil works. We develop Structural Risk Matrices, structural intervention plans and programs, maintenance CAPEX, among others.

In cases of specific problems involving one or more structures, we execute expert reports and / or forensic engineering, investigating the causes of structural failures and evaluating the repair of equipment and structures, to support Claims and emergency repair projects.

The study includes an exhaustive review of the facts, gathering testimonies and carrying out tests. Analysis utilities based on FEM, fracture theories and fracture mechanics are also used. The analysis and results are complemented with measurements and tests with our own ultrasonic tools or qualified laboratories.

Our most relevant studies include the evaluation of the level of corrosion and the remaining useful life of equipment and structures.