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Metacontrol Ingenieros has a 30 years tradition, as a STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGICAL PROVIDER, developing engineering projects for Mining, Petrochemical and Industry.

Metacontrol develops Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering, in the Structural, Mechanics, Piping, Electric, Instrumentation and Control specialties.

The company has specialized in the analysis of structures and pipelines put under special loads, such as: earthquakes, vibrations, impacts, abrasion, creep and high thermal heavy burdens. For these studies tension analysis software packages are used, based on finite elements method with three dimensional models. Software such as: DASSAULT (CATIA, SIMULIA ABAQUS), SAP 2000, ANSYS (ANSYS Workbench Environment). CAESAR, NASTRAN and MATHCAD are used.

The services include structural design, tension analysis, linear and non linear analysis, structural optimization, modal seismic analysis, non linear dynamic analysis, vibrations insulation, tension and thermal analysis, according to ASME standards, non linear models with reinforced concrete, linear and non linear analysis of components made of mixed and synthetic materials, seismic revision for equipments and structures, etc.

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