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Investigation and Development

Since its foundation in 1984, Metacontrol has developed programs and computer systems to solve engineering and Industry problems.

In 1985 using a first generation microcomputer, it was developed an automatic system for highway designs. Despite the limitations of the DOS operating system, a graphic interface was included where you could visualize transverse sections and longitudinal profiles. And also the volume calculation of cut and fill was shown.

In 1986 Metacontrol brought to Chile the first IBM microcomputer and taking advantage of the processor’s open architecture 8088, cards for the analog digital conversion and serious and parallel communication were prepared. With these devices a data entry capture was developed for lab equipment. And also, magnetic memory cards were integrated to implement assistance and access control system.

In 1987 software and hardware were developed to implement a system to capture data from two fridge lines temperature, Fensa, Mademsa in control and quality testing. It was also included the development of the analog digital card, Multiplexor of 512 channels and temperature sensor circuit. In 1988 using an IBM microcomputer, hardware and software to command a Robofill milling machine with numeric control from Madeco’s company were developed. The language program LISP converted a model in Autocad in instructions of numeric control, to automate the matrix elaboration process.

In 1996 it was developed a program to create Investment Budgets. The system prepared Capital Budgets and activities to be exported to a critical path method calculus program (Primavera Project Planner or Suretrak).

In 1998 a program to optimize the ACMA steel mesh production lots, was implemented. This program works on the AutoCAD platform and can determine the minimum material loss, to generate different levels of production lots.

In 2009 sponsored by Fondecyt a foundation machines under vibration software was designed.

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