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Project Management

The Project Management has show as an indispensable philosophy to improve the competitivity of the companies, focusing its projects in the continuous quality improvement, efficiency in the resources use and effectiveness in the deadlines planned, accomplishment.

Since its formation in 1984, Metacontrol Ingenieros S.A has participated in the implementation of Project Management (PM) in several national and international corporations, throughout the specialist services and consulting, including programming, cost engineering, risk analysis, decisions theory, specialized training and organizational design, for over a hundred projects.

It is noted that Metacontrol Ingenieros represents the tool called PRIMAVERA and its products in Chile since 1988, in License selling, training (Primavera P6 courses), Support and implementations, for the Mining, Engineering, Construction, Computing Industries, Banking and Financial Institutions, and Public Sector. Since 2008 Metacontrol is an Oracle Certified Partner, representing the entire range of Primavera products.

At present Metacontrol Ingenieros has presence in America offering its services in USA, Canada, Argentina and Perú.

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