We provide services for the following areas:

Technological Development

Metacontrol Engineering, through applied research, develops pioneering and cutting-edge technological solutions for both computational and mobile environments, as well as in the integration of hardware for internal clients and / or external companies.

We have a highly trained professional team, oriented to provide innovative solutions to the challenges presented, turning the problems into opportunities, generating added value and differentiation to our customers.

This is how Metacontrol Engineering has developed innovative solutions such as for the calculation of machine foundations (ClockWork), solutions for the telecommunications and engineering area and hardware integrations of sensors to measure structures deformations, etc.


Metacontrol Engineering, since 1984, represents different solutions for Project Management being Oracle, Trimble and Deltek Partners. In addition, as an engineering company, we have calculation and design solutions, being PTC Partners.

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We have a Specialized Technical Support area with highly trained professionals with advanced knowledge to solve problems or concerns that our clients require, in each of the software solutions we represent.

We have laboratories with all the software solutions installed, to replicate the problems consulted and thus provide real solutions to the problems of our customers.

Metacontrol Engineering has documented the problems presented to its clients with the solutions, which makes the response to the concerns of the clients in a timely manner according to the nature and complexity of the problems.

In addition, to deliver a better service, Metacontrol Engineering has a support web technology platform, which, through electronic tickets, each client can follow up on their requests, with established response times, according to the type of query and incident.

For more information about the validity of our support service or how to hire it, contact us.