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Infrastructure engineering for Telecommunications includes from the metallic’s structures design and foundation until innovating reinforcement solutions of already existence structures. A comprehensive development of Engineering for construction of new sites. Reinforcement construction. Inspection and quality assurance.

  • Structures and foundations designs. Self supported towers, Braced Towers and Monopoles, for the different loads configurations and geographic localization. Deep and superficia foundation designs. Optimized design through the modeling in software packages like: TNX TOWER, SAP2000 and ANSYS.

  • Existing structures verification, raising and checking the existing structures, more than 4.000 structures verified throughout Chile, to all national operators (clients). This has allowed us to have the biggest data base of existent structures.

  • Innovative solution designs as a reinforcement of the existing structures. Multiple choices to increase the structures capacity that are working, including the adding of new elements, improvement of the already existing elements and the application of new materials. Advanced structural modeling tools.

  • Reinforcement’s construction. Vast experience in the materialization of Telecommunication structures reinforcement, multidisciplinary engineering for the new mobile sites. Covering the Site Acquisition, Site Survey, Electric and Civil Engineering. Integral development of the required engineering for the construction of a new site for celular engineering, Metacontrol has developed more than 1.000 engineerings for different national and international operators.

  • Site Inspection and quality assurance for different companies with more than 400 places examined. The inspection working together with procedures defined by Metacontrol of quality assurance, has enable us to accomplish the deadlines with high quality standards, specially reducing the Clean Up process and the closing of the locations in a 25% approximately.
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