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Intercorp Retail, a large holding company in Peru, manages projects for a variety of companies, including supermarket chains, malls, and department stores. I am very pleased to recognize them today for excellence in Solutions Implementation in Residential and Commercial for their accomplishments using Primavera Unifier. Reporting went from weeks of effort to almost instantaneous outputs, and they reduced resources needed for cost and bidding management by 20%. Alex Alvarez will be accepting the award and will share information on how they integrated Primavera Unifier with their ERP system to improve financial reporting.​.

We automated many of our processes, but today I would like to talk about budgeting. By integrating Primavera Unifier with our ERP system, we were able to standardize the base process to gain efficiencies, and we were able to customize individual workflows and permissions based on the specific budget. We have also standardized our cost codes and now have an easy and consistent process for our team members to follow.

Alex Alvarez Aliaga - Jefe de PMO en Intercorp Retail

Change Management

Our Change Management Process was manual, with a lot different of contractors, sending us, change request via mail. It was time consuming to manage all the requests and did not have traceability into each request. With Primavera Unifier, we digitalized the processes and gave access to contractors to submit their requests using standardized forms. This help us to have all the changes in the same place, know what step there are in, helping us save time and increase transparency.

At least one week a month was spent puling information and running manual reports to track change orders.

We did not have visibility into where the change order was in the process or who had it.

Before it could take between 1-2 months to have change orders reviewed and approved. Now it takes just 1-2 weeks. That is a time savings of over 75%.


Our Budgeting Process was manual. With many projects to manage, it was time consuming to do the budgeting for each project using Excel, and then send via mail, to create the budgets in the ERP. With Primavera Unifier, we standardized the process, then digitalized it in the platform. We set up the right permissions, and integrated it with ERP, using Primavera Unifier API to connect to SAP ERP.

In past, we did not have standardized cost codes. Now we have those and an easy to follow process.​

Is there more confidence in the budget due to more info?​

Yes, as we standardize all the budgets Process in Unifier, we have only one source of truth, gaining visibility and confidence.

Are budgets approved more quickly?​

Budgets are approved more quickly and also substantial improve, has been to standardize not only the creation of budgets, also the transfers and change of budgets, helping us better management of budgets according best Practices.​

How long does it take to develop budgets vs. before implementing Unifier?​

The process was manual, and it tooks weeks to do it, now we digitalize the process expecting to save at least 30% in the process.​

Project Request

Our Project Request Process was manual, and received many ideas or proposals from different Business Units of Intercorp. With Primaver Unifier, we digitalized and standardized the process, helping us to improve our process management and save time.

Before using Unifier, each organization sent manual proposals to the holding company. Each company had own workflow.

With 40-50 projects in production, this was very challenging to manage.

How much time did it take to review project proposals in the past compared to after Unifier?

As we digitalize and standiarize the Project request Process, we are expecting to save 30% of time in the entire process.

Do you have fewer proposals now?

No, we have the same number, as before, but as we standardize the process and making it more efficient, we are prepared and ready to receives more project Requests and grow in the next years where more companies of the holding will start to work with Unifier.

Is the reviewal/approval process faster?

Yes, absolutely saving at least 30% of time from the proposal to Project Creation.


Our Reporting Process was manual, collecting data from different systems, and then consolidating in Excel and Power Point. Using Unifier and BI Publisher, we are standardizing on the format for our reports and using the Tool Engine of Primavera Unifier, we configure to the project needs. Now can run our reports at any time we want, showing us the Data that we need, in just seconds, savings weeks of work. We know what step they are in, helping us save time (Reducing Cycles from weeks to days), and improve transparency.

What used to take weeks to compile now takes just one minute.

Consistent format helps management, who can run the reports whenever they need them. Cost report is completed by pulling data from multiple systems using Primavera Unifier and Unifier APIs. Now we can run the Investment Control Report (Budgets, Commit, Actuals, Forecast), on line with live data, this has been a huge improvement for the organization, making it more agile and efficient.

The information is displayed using Oracle’s BI publisher.

Easy access to more timely information helps management make better decisions. Before, project director had to make decisions based on incomplete info. Now they have 100% assurance.

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